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Burnaby Ford Transit, Good Repair Shops and Engine Maintenance Tips

transit van FordBurnaby Ford Transit Van Repairs

Transit vans have since their inception revolutionized light-duty commercial
transportation. No other van is significant in this sector as the Ford Transit.
Before their introduction to the North American market in 2015, this van was
doing wonders for the European market. This has been the best selling van in
Europe for over four decades.

In the first year of its introduction to the US/Canadian market,
the Burnaby Ford Transit repair shop managed to scoop Motor Trend’s Truck of the Year
second place award for 2015. It even managed to beat the American legend the
Ford F-150. First place was taken that year’s new introduction Chevrolet

Transit vans spend most of their time on the road, and therefore it’s
vital that they be in perfect condition. You wouldn’t want
your van to break in the middle of transportation, do you? The time wasted in
repairs, and the delivery delay may lead to client dissatisfaction which may
reflect poorly on your business.

For this reason above all, it’s essential that as a transit van owner
you have a good reliable repair shop for all your vans. This
will mean that you can run your enterprise with peace of mind knowing that all
your vans will be able to complete their tasks without any unfortunate
occurrences. With all your clients happy with your services, you can be sure to
grow your business with new opportunities knocking on your door everyday day
thanks to your reliable services and customer satisfaction.

A good repair shop

Transit vans are a bit different from other cars as
they are commercial-oriented and a good repair shop must understand that. If
you have a broken commercial van and the repair shop takes too long to repair
it, it may lead to substantial business losses. A good repair shop for transit
vans understands the importance of timely excellent repairs for your van and
will always fit your needs.

Tips on maintaining your Ford engine

Here are two maintenance tips that you can implement
on your Ford transit vans. This tip will save you from costly engine repair
bills and maximize your business profits.

•Change your engine oil regularly


The A to Z of maintaining your Mercedes Benz


Mercedes Benz Car and Truck Maintenance

Your car is like a servant under your beck and call any time you need it. And for its wages, you have to maintain your car. You do not want that nasty experience of break downs in the middle of the road at the crazy traffic hour. The honking from other motorists will almost deafen you and the shame washing down your esteem will take a long time to go away.

Let me tell you a thing or two. Maintaining your car is not a sweet pill, but it has to be done or lest you deal with the consequences. And now that you know there is no shortcut to keeping your Mercedes Benz in tiptop shape, you would also want to know what has to be done on a regular basis.

·Cleaning your windshield

Your dirty car windshield is a like timing bomb. It will come to a point that your visibility is obscured and your safety will be in grave danger. It is time you take your safety seriously from all angles. Every time you pull over for a gas fill-up, take a few minutes to clean your windshield. You never know when it is going to be the difference between a head-on collision and getting home in one piece.

·Keep optimal tire pressure

Checking and keeping tire pressure at the optimal level is a lifesaver. And that’s not all you get for the trouble; you will also save dough or two at the pump. With the right tire pressure, you get a better
grip on the road and significantly improve fuel efficiency. In the face of danger of an accident, your brakes will perform better with optimal tire pressure. It should not take you more than 5 minutes to check and fill up your tires; you have no excuse at all. Before you begin that long road trip, you had better make sure you will not be in for no surprises.

·Frequently change oil

The engine has many components that move against each other. You need oil to keep them lubricated and to cool the engine. Therefore, a frequent oil change should be part of your car maintenance
routine. It is recommended that you should not use the same engine oil for more than 5,000 miles. If you have trouble keeping up with your car’s mileage, you should change oil after every 6 months. Engine repairs are prohibitively expensive, and you do not want that kind of a bill coming your way merely
because you did not change the oil.

·Servicing car battery

Servicing your auto battery goes a long way to make sure you never have to go through this. Keeping the terminals clean, refilling the water, and safely securing the battery will make it serve you for long. If your battery has given you three or more years of service, it is time you buy another one.

car repair

Car Repair Price Quotes And Vehicle Repair Prices

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 The Real Details To Avoid Vehicle Repair Scams

Worrying whether you were overcharged for your vehicle repair work is an awful feeling. There’s lots of suggestions on ways to avoid getting ripped-off, but few discuss the real automobile repair rates. We actually have to look at the charges on a vehicle repair quote or vehicle repair billing to figure out if we’re paying too much. The focus needs to shift from providing outdated and ineffective suggestions to attending to the “real” and “particular” charges.

Are they genuine charges?

Can they be validated by market guidelines?

Now car repair work quotes can be confusing. So let’s simplify to get a much better idea if your auto service center is billing you appropriately. First, a glossary of terms remains in order, as the car market has a language of its own …

Aftermarket Parts: parts not made by the manufacturer.MSRP: Producer’s Suggested Retail PriceOEM: Original Devices Producer. Producer approved parts designed particularly for your vehicle.TSBs: Technical Service Publications. Notes and guidelines supplied by the manufacturer for known and specific issues(they are not remembers).

Flat Fees: services such as positionings that don’t get broken down into parts, tax, labor, Miscellaneous Charges: these can consist of, however are not restricted to shop materials – rags, chemicals, hazardous waste disposal costs, waste oil … etc.Labor Rate: a repair work center’s per hour charge to service and repair your vehicle.

Labor Time: the amount of time or hours determined that it will require to repair



Ok, let’s take a look at the Anatomy of an Auto Repair Estimate:

There are six basic components to a car repair work estimate

1) Customer/Vehicle Information

2) Parts

3) Labor

4) Miscellaneous Charges

5) Flat Fees

6) Summary of Charges

Customer and Car Information Using a generic “leading down” design estimate, the top portion simply contains your individual information and your vehicle’s specifics: year, make, model, mileage … etc, in addition to your demand or concern. We also want discover the shop’s labor rate. The labor rate is vital in identifying if you paid too much. Many repair centers don’t list the labor rate. We’ll go over why shortly.

Auto Parts Parts are noted typically with a short description, along with the amount, and the rate. There are three types of parts: OEM (parts made by or for a maker). These are the parts installed by a dealership, although numerous regional stores use OEM parts too.Aftermarket parts are non OEM parts, and there are numerous degrees of quality, depending upon the brand and where they’re made– China versus USA, for example.Then there are Used parts acquired from a salvage yard.To identify if you paid excessive for parts, initially discover what kind of parts are being used. With OEM parts, you do not wish to pay more than MSRP, although the majority of people do without understanding it. Premium aftermarket parts are similarly priced across brands, although beware not to pay more than MSRP, which once again, numerous folks do. Utilized part prices are all over the place, so pick the price in the middle.

Auto Repair work Labor Labor is billed in tenths. So 1.0 equals 1 hour. 1.5 equates to an hour and a half.Labor rates vary from $60 to $100 per hour at local service center and $80 to $140 per hour at the dealership level. Labor times are based off recognized market guidelines, which are frequently abused.If you do not see the shop’s labor rate published on the billing, ask your service center for the rate. Repair shops can manipulate the labor rate (to name a few things) with a labor matrix. Matrix prices is a complex and ethically questionable practice talked about at length in Repair Trust literature. Exactly what you have to understand is that you can pay as high as $150 per hour instead of the published labor rate of $105 per hour.

Remember to ask questions about your billing.

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