The A to Z of maintaining your Mercedes Benz


Mercedes Benz Car and Truck Maintenance

Your car is like a servant under your beck and call any time you need it. And for its wages, you have to maintain your car. You do not want that nasty experience of break downs in the middle of the road at the crazy traffic hour. The honking from other motorists will almost deafen you and the shame washing down your esteem will take a long time to go away.

Let me tell you a thing or two. Maintaining your car is not a sweet pill, but it has to be done or lest you deal with the consequences. And now that you know there is no shortcut to keeping your Mercedes Benz in tiptop shape, you would also want to know what has to be done on a regular basis.

·Cleaning your windshield

Your dirty car windshield is a like timing bomb. It will come to a point that your visibility is obscured and your safety will be in grave danger. It is time you take your safety seriously from all angles. Every time you pull over for a gas fill-up, take a few minutes to clean your windshield. You never know when it is going to be the difference between a head-on collision and getting home in one piece.

·Keep optimal tire pressure

Checking and keeping tire pressure at the optimal level is a lifesaver. And that’s not all you get for the trouble; you will also save dough or two at the pump. With the right tire pressure, you get a better
grip on the road and significantly improve fuel efficiency. In the face of danger of an accident, your brakes will perform better with optimal tire pressure. It should not take you more than 5 minutes to check and fill up your tires; you have no excuse at all. Before you begin that long road trip, you had better make sure you will not be in for no surprises.

·Frequently change oil

The engine has many components that move against each other. You need oil to keep them lubricated and to cool the engine. Therefore, a frequent oil change should be part of your car maintenance
routine. It is recommended that you should not use the same engine oil for more than 5,000 miles. If you have trouble keeping up with your car’s mileage, you should change oil after every 6 months. Engine repairs are prohibitively expensive, and you do not want that kind of a bill coming your way merely
because you did not change the oil.

·Servicing car battery

Servicing your auto battery goes a long way to make sure you never have to go through this. Keeping the terminals clean, refilling the water, and safely securing the battery will make it serve you for long. If your battery has given you three or more years of service, it is time you buy another one.